djBig | Themed Wedding Entrances That Made The Memory List
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04 Nov Themed Wedding Entrances That Made The Memory List

Themed entrances or introductions can be hysterical, memorable and downright awesome if put together properly. I have witnessed some amazing themes to share with you and also failed over-produced themes that became headaches. When it comes down to it, the choice to have a themed wedding is personal and Brides & Grooms who come in organized seem to have the most fun. The same will apply for your DJ/Entertainment. Whoever you hire should be versed on what’s going to happen and be ready to deliver. This is not rocket science however when making efforts towards next level entertainment moments, like elements to a theme, the lead entertainer should be completely focused. Specifically, NOT eating, standing in line for drinks, staring at their cell phone, etc. If you have one chance for a memorable entrance, pull the team together and kill it! The first step is to decide your theme direction. Second is to develop a list of how to apply theme elements through the experiences of your big day celebration. From the most basic theme with simple grand entrance to an elaborate interactive pallet of themed experiences, having an outline in place will keep everyone organized. The DJ/Entertainer should again be on point to not only be the facilitator but also be the “adjustor” as things can happen.

Some themes may be common but can also be next level delivered. If you’re searching for something fun, all themes can work. However, when things make sense to your honored guests, your theme will be remembered. An example of this might be a baseball theme. If it makes sense to your honored guests, you’re theme will hit it out of the park. See what I mean? If possible, run with the relevance: if you like country, do country. If your friends and family know you as country music people and you try and force a disco theme things may be confusing. I suggest to keep things as simple as possible. This will also minimize over producing things which can cause a headache and nobody wants that on their big day. Below are some Memorable Themed Wedding Entrances which have been more than tested by this DJ. Above all, have fun and experience the wild side of life and make your memories count!

Want your themed wedding entrance to be unique?


  • Disney Movie Themes
  • Camo-Hunting Theme
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Rock n Roll Concert Tour
  • Country
  • Big Band/Rat Pack
  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Police
  • South American
  • Super Hero
  • Star Wars
  • Halloween
  • Angels and Devils
  • Cinderella


  1. Write up a plan
  2. Do a walk-thru
  3. Evaluate what props (if any) will be used. Bag props for each person. Be realistic: I have a rule that has worked for years, don’t mess with a girls hair at someones’ wedding. Feathered boas are better received vs a hat!
  4. Work out music and music cues ahead of time with DJ/MC. Music selections: don’t use youtube or any streaming. Not a good idea as quality is lower and signal can freeze thus ruining continuity.
  5. Have a post-plan to gather props (kids love to do this!)