djBig | Party People Are You Ready To Dance?!
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04 Mar Party People Are You Ready To Dance?!

Planning to Party and Dance is Simple Science


Most party people agree, when they were younger, dancing was easy and more enjoyable. Being an interactive DJ for the past thirty years I have heard party dancers say they are getting too “old” as they exit the dance floor panting. Versus being too old, I believe most don’t care to admit being simply out of shape. Most of the time, it’s true. Initially, I thought it could be a music thing as the majority of “older” people were asking for songs that were on their playlist from years back when they were younger. Music is an external source which can anchor our brain to another time; when we danced and had more fun. I completely believe this to be true, however it’s the physiology which can limit or increase the fun while at a party. You have some dancing days ahead in your future? From a night out with friends to possibly, your wedding day? I can assure you that preparing for increased activity will make a huge difference. I call this “party planning to have fun”. It may even add life to your years!

I am a huge fan of consistency in physical training and eating clean. For me, I have survived and thrived hundreds, possibly thousands of high energy events. Party people whooping it up, cutting loose and coming up to make requests all quite regular to me. As an interactive DJ, I always prefer to talk with people and find out not only what song they want but what they are all about as a person. That said, when a 30yr old comes up to me panting because of dancing one song, I realize they need air or specifically increased cardio capacity. Being an actively touring, full-time DJ, I know what it takes to not only survive a night of dancing, but to do it 3-4 nights in a row. Add moving my show twice per event (1700lbs of equipment x 2), driving all night and then doing multiple shows takes careful planning. Aside of the set up/break down of the actual show, I also have to contend with thousands of watts of thumping music. Pounding my body for 5-7 hours at a time, the party music is an external force of stress all on it’s own. It also takes committed physical gym time and clean diet just to perform my job at it’s highest level. I wouldn’t ask anyone else to do this but encourage you to enjoy the benefits focused on the dancing portion! So, let’s get cracking.

Do cardio indoors on your existing
outdoor bike with a bike cradle.

First, address your current level of physical fitness. Ultimately, I would love everyone to jump on board a fitness focused agenda. However, I will gladly help just you-every dancer counts! Establish a baseline of sorts and keep a journal. Yes, there are electronic bracelets and such to monitor your results, but for clarity, write down your plan first. Detail your weekly intake (food AND drink). Do the same for your activity level. Walking, running, biking, treadmill, swimming, etc. all add up. To be effective and clear however, the greatest indicator of progress will be discovering your TARGET HEART RATE. That is the barometer for effective fat burning or muscle loss. Have you ever jumped back into working out and then felt sick leaving the gym? Chances are you exceeded your target heart rate. When you exceed your target heart rate, your body burns muscle tissue to try and recover. That in turn makes you feel sick, worn out and therefore provides another reason to not work out! Your body will adjust overtime to increase workout time and effort. That’s typically your heart rate coming down as you increase your fitness level. You simply feel better. This is the point where dancing can be enjoyable again vs making you winded. There are plenty of articles and information not only supporting consistent cardio and physical training as a life asset. However, nothing is as true when you are experiencing this first hand.

To further the process, clean eating is critical. Ever hear “you are what you eat”? It’s completely true and can make a world of difference in producing the desired results expected from adhering to any fitness plan. You now have learned how to effectively burn fat and increase your cardio capacity. Clean eating will secure your best intentions. So, what foods are “clean”?

These are my pillar supplements.
The first line of defense and offense!

Basically, non processed foods in their natural form. Not refined and artificial. Short rule: if your food is made from a box it’s not clean. All that said, my goal is to up your dance time enjoyment (including the day after!), not re-wire you into me. Fact: going on 30yrs of performing Coast to Coast, I have been “included” to eat dinners at some of the finest banquet facilities in North America, however 90% of the time, I eat Subway in advance of the dinner hour. Why? Because I love to eat and often get “food coma” from all the carbs, sauces and refined sides. This will not only make me feel full but take away my needed (and expected) energy level. I simply choose the clean ingredients from Subway as I can anticipate my energy to be at 100%. This is consistently a game changer for all events.

Hydration is important enough to always stock up on water!

Many people successfully eat clean but fail with drinks. Avoiding soda and fruit juice helps tremendously. Don’t drink your calories: soda is loaded with sugar, diet soda is loaded with artificial sweeteners and fruit juice is also often loaded with refined sugar and of course, natural sugars.

Coconut and Aloe water are
an amazing, natural anti-inflammatory

Last, realize everyone is different. You may need to tailor your clean food diet to your own food sensitivity and intolerances. Having personal preferences are encouraged as well. There are enough choices to make this effort work for literally everyone. Increased cardio + knowing your target heart rate + clean eating/drinking = a much better party experience on the dance floor. djBIG Approved!