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15 Oct Money In The Bridal Bank

Bridal Budget Friendly Moves:

I have worked with thousands of Brides & Grooms planning unique wedding receptions. Although decadent spending seems to happen, frugal geniuses making more happen in small creative moves.
For most Brides and Grooms, it’s been a challenge to figure out a way to pay for everything attached to the “big day”. Below are some of the ways my clients have found to effectively trim hundreds if not thousands from their over all cost.
Create an inclusive budget.
Treat everything as a “total” expense and create line items. Look at each area and make some changes to save money in each area if possible. Some examples:

Hands Up with Hilary

Hands Up with Hilary


  1. Food- work your menu items. Changing on or two things can save you hundreds. Suggest combination changes.
  2. Centerpieces – DIY: save hundreds again & show your own style! Plus you can resale some centerpieces either individually or as a group. There are many Goodwill stores within a 100 miles, shop around and have fun collecting interesting bases.
  3. Floral – one of my favorites! Hobby Lobby, Michaels, etc all have big sales several times per year. Contact the store and buy when the time is right. Fresh flowers ARE amazing however, silk or artificial flowers can be resold and can often be hard to tell from “fresh”.
  4. Invitations- Shop around. Always best to work locally and support your community printers. Wisconsin is a huge paper producing state and therefore have hundreds of commercial printers. Get specific as to what you want, enjoy being creative and explore your options. A simple postcard and email combination will get the job done.
  5. Disc Jockey- You get what you pay for. I have performed at receptions where the food was burned and the flowers-wilted…yet the gift opening was all about the FUN people had at the reception. Quality entertainment is important! In my experience, Education + Experience = Quality. Quality DJ’s typically discount at wedding shows you can save hundreds. Typically the most memorable part of the wedding celebration involves entertainment. Prioritize this investment as critical and you will get a better return in experienced memories.
  6. Photo Booth – Set up your own area: backdrop + props = party pics! Yes, people use their cell phones and you save $500-$700.
    Choose “off” season dates and save big on hall rental. Friday dates will typically save you hundreds as well. Gift opening parties on Saturday allow for more relaxed family time as well as travel on Sunday for guests.
  7. Avoid impulse buys! Try and be unique. In my experience, many Brides & Grooms use the last 5 weddings they attended as “their” standard. Your guests are there for you two, not necessarily to compare your wedding day to others. Take your time and talk through your plans together.
Little River Country Club

Little River Country Club

Other areas to consider:

a. Monogram lighting: seems like a cool idea to have your initials projected on the dance floor right? In Wisconsin this can be a additional cost of $125-$300. In my experience, djBIG! keeps the dance floor FULL. Try using a final slide from your powerpoint/Slide show and project it where everyone can see it. Otherwise, it’s not only hard to see, but truly a waste of money, especially with an experienced entertainer keeping the dance floor busy.
b. Limit guest list
c. Limit alcohol selection and times