djBig | FAQ’s
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is your service area?

Nationwide. 23 States covered in 28 years so far. Experiences create learning tools: each performance on the road offers a chance to learn more about geographic cultures, music styles and people. We also gladly embrace referrals! Our “home area” of service is basically Wisconsin/Michigan but again not limited to just to just those two States.

What packages do you offer?

30 years back, Disc Jockeys were just starting to become popular for weddings. With that popularity came the “up-sell” and the “would you like fries with that” sales pitch. Rather than nickel and dime a customer, we offer an all-inclusive show. We bring as much as is needed to put on a next level production. We are experienced in setting up a 30′ stage (like at Riverside Ballroom or KI Center in Green Bay, WI) or creatively making a 12′ area work at a smaller property. Weddings include uplighting when space is available. In short, you get it all!

What is your price?

Completely depends on your event. It also can depend on other factors such as location, requested date and specifics. Averaging 180 events a year, djBIG is the king of variety application(s). All events are booked first come-first serve. We only book one event per calendar day so you are securing the best, not just a random DJ/MC.

Do you offer wedding ceremony audio/sound options?

Yes and with considerable experience in making it right! From basic audio to microphone placement for your soloist or musicians, we have you covered. Best part is that if your ceremony is on-site of reception, the ceremony audio is included.

What about Photo-Booth?

For going on 30yrs, our Photo Booth has been on the dance floor! The trend for 2017 is coming back to that with more than 50% of Brides and Grooms setting up a photo “area” with a few props and backdrop. It’s not like we don’t want more money but djBIG focuses on quality entertainment, the same goes for Photo Booth needs. Rather than be the master of all things and delivering a diluted product offering, we prefer to refer you to the best of the Photo Booth vendors. They simply deliver a better experience for your guests. Remember: Photobooths are much like a DJ service. They equipment can be the same but it’s the PEOPLE (staffing) who make it a great experience.

How do we compile the playlist for our event?

We typically meet with all our clients and plan accordingly. We use full-file format (.aiff) music vs mp3’s. They simply sound better! Weddings, school events and family functions use clean-edit music. We don’t stream, use YouTube, etc. We also don’t use your guests telephones for a number of reasons, quality being the first! After 30 years in music and being active in record pools and much more, we have your music as a high priority and know what works.

Do you MC our event?

Absolutely. djBIG is college degreed in communication, specializing in presentation. Following college, he performed fine art auctions for Corporate Art International, the World’s largest fundraising art auction company. Traveling the United States, BIG! defined the art of formal presentation. Some events have a designated MC already in place. Our intent is not to replace them but assist them in providing the best experience for your guests. Either way, we cover this need in our pre-planning meeting with you about 30 days out from the event date.

Can you perform with live bands?

100% Yes!! We have split the stage with hundreds of musicians, acts and talented artists. The largest being the Beach Boys (performing their tour managers wedding). djBIG has many years of band experience prior to the 1st day as a DJ and plays drums, guitar and cowbell (we always need more cowbell!).