djBig | Family Weddings Bring Out The Bloodline
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04 May Family Weddings Bring Out The Bloodline

Ethnicity inspired family weddings are revered in movies and convey that “feel” we all love so much. When my clients remark their family as “crazy”, I typically get excited! Although I have taken years of formal entertainment education, I typically learn more from someones “crazy” family. Over the past few years, I have performed family wedding entertainment with Irish, Lebanese, Polish, Spanish, American themes and more. Some families carry through their themes in Ice Sculptures, cakes, props and definitely music! Fortunately, the inspiration grows along with today’s unique couples wanting more personalization. Today, family weddings have expanded far beyond ethnicity in theming. Passionate themes such as Green Bay Packers, Wisconsin Badgers and movie themes are all consistently popular. Also hot have been Star Wars and camouflage/hunting. The big winner in long standing themes are service related. Military, Police, Fire Department and Nursing all continue to be great themes in tribute, respect and camaraderie. These themes support “Family” often extending far beyond the bloodline. For the best experience, a solid plan and experienced entertainer/MC will put you in the drivers seat or better yet, on the dance floor.


Unique family weddings desiring a strong theme requires doing some homework. Presuming you have a planner already, start a section for theme. If working with your DJ/MC, this will eventually be the framework to ensure things get done. Here’s an example: Your doing an Irish theme. You were married in Ireland and the following month, have your post destination reception. You walk into your cocktail hour, pink up lighting and Frank Sinatra is playing. (insert price is right losing horn here). Depending on the Bride and Groom, I would be suggesting Flogging Molly, Irish rovers or older more traditional music. I would also suggest green up lighting. To the point, details matter.

Some families have their own themes and traditions. It’s a really amazing experience to find free themes. Many years ago, a friend and DJ mentor of mine, Roxanna Greene, listened to a Bride’s request to play a song on a cassette tape that her family loved which helped them all dance together. Being an open minded DJ/Entertainer, Roxanna did as directed and the dance looked like a lot of fun. Everyone danced and followed each other. Roxanna decided to bring that dance to the International DJ Expo. She then trained myself and other mobile DJ/Entertainers. She was later voted Mobile Entertainer of the Year for both North & South America. The dance the Bride brought on cassette was the Macarena. Maybe you’ve heard of it?!

Whatever your family connection (bloodline or passion), keep it simple, focus on the details and bring out the best in everyone with your thoughtfulness in recognition. Most of all, bring it to the dance floor. That will be how guests remember your big day!