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12 Sep Bouquet Toss Like a Boss

Searching for creative Bouquet Toss ideas? The sky’s the limit however, watch out for low ceilings & chandeliers! After 30 years of performing creative wedding celebrations, I have learned that simplicity and elegance still rule. Although the music selections tend to sometimes be the focus, one overlooked memory maker can be the bouquet itself. A gold ring fountain bouquet is one of my favorites. Versus the standard, one-piece bouquet, we have witnessed another level of interaction through the use of a gold ring break away fountain bouquet. The set up is important because it builds more excitement for your guests and especially the single ladies on the dance floor. This is especially useful when there are very young guests in the mix OR for a secondary “kids” toss.
To create your gold ring fountain bouquet simply take the bouquet and tie colored mylar string to each flower.stringOn the end of one of those strings is a gold ring. The lucky girl to catch that one is the winner however, many others also get a keepsake. In addition to the flower itself as a keepsake, some Brides place well wishes or fortunes on small cards which are tied to that flower. Prior to throwing the bouquet, the DJ/MC announces to the crowd that it is time for all the single ladies to get to the dance floor and that this bouquet will split apart in the air as it’s launched. Only one flower will have a gold ring.

This simple, yet elegant twist to the standard bouquet toss is a real crowd pleaser and can add another level of uniqueness to the celebration. I have done variations with glow sticks mixed in as well which can add some more visual excitement. However, the simple colored string and one gold ring seems to be the consistent favorite. The gold ring and string can be picked up typically at a dollar store or Walmart. The complete cost for this exciting addition is typically less than $5.00. Start warming up your throwing arm!