djBig | 3 Steps to creating the ultimate wedding day experience
3 Steps to creating the ultimate wedding day experience
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16 Jan 3 Steps to creating the ultimate wedding day experience

First Dance Romance

Put the WOW factor in your big day

Consider the three steps below and using an all-inclusive property to create the ultimate wedding day experience. From the ceremony through the last dance, having everything at one location creates a unique experience for both you and your honored guests. In 30 years as an interactive entertainer, I have performed in 23 States and have witnessed the best of the best experiences to the biggest let downs for Brides and Grooms. Just like each Bride and Groom, many properties can be unique but it doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be expensive. In fact, this formula can be applied to a wedding on your own property! I have performed at incredible properties such as the Ritz Carlton, Caesars Palace and yes, even private residences that would make most peoples jaws drop. In my local area, 50 miles North of Green Bay, WI., I have routinely worked with a property, Little River Country Club which I will reference in this article. They are not the snobby site that the word “country club” often eludes towards, in fact, the opposite. However, they completely embrace the desired vision Brides and Grooms hope for on their big day. Complete, unparalleled service, staff and multiple property dimensions that bring out the WOW factor every time! I developed and polished my skills working with them over many years.

Step one, develop your vision for the perfect wedding day

Outdoor Ceremony at Little River CC

What is your vision for a stellar wedding day? Not sure? Embrace the help needed through the experienced site management. If on your own property, consider a professional wedding planner to help develop your vision into reality. Experience, education and sometimes your “gut feeling” will even guide you. It’s a crazy journey planning a memorable wedding day. In a simple comparison, think of inviting 6 couples to your house. You will probably clean, arrange food and think things through to entertain them in some way. In comparison, invite 200 people (or more) and your planning vision becomes larger than life. Leveraging your time and duties are the recipe for success: the “secret sauce” to elevate stress. Think of your vision and create a game plan, but leverage some of the heavy stuff or…all of it! At Little River CC in Marinette, WI the Owner/Mgr Amy Kretz, meets with each Bride and Groom as many site managers initially do, but she also takes more time trying to understand what their vision is all about. Little River CC is deep in dimensional, inclusive offerings. Amy works with her clients to develop next level experiences.

Little River CC Dinner in Tent

Little River CC has multiple ceremony areas, indoor/outdoor cocktail options, large tent with cement floor and vaulted ceiling indoor banquet area. Plus, situated on an amazing golf course and directly across from a large body of water, the photography options are endless too. Aesthetics aside, years of applicable experience pays off greatly, but is furthered by listening to each Bride and Groom. Nobody wants the same wedding as their neighbors. In fact, many try to be unique. As an entertainer, I understand that dimensions are a plus, a pallet to work from in developing the vision to the next level. So, if you don’t have a vision, this is where the experienced coordinator will help you. At Little River CC, not only can Amy help you, but so can her staff. An experienced coordinator leverages their skills and experience through properly trained staff. I can quickly tell the properties that don’t do this through confusion, lack of follow through or worse; an unhappy Bride and Groom. As an experienced entertainer, I often begin understanding the Bride and Grooms’ vision early by asking “would you like a Cinderella entrance or Kid Rock kicking in the front door?” It helps me understand where they are coming from and may help you in conveying or beginning to leverage your desires for the perfect big day. In short, your vision sets the bar for wedding day satisfaction.

Step two, be realistic and leverage the heavy lifting

Even if your budget is unlimited, your site/location may have some limitations. It’s important to first consider all your options available. Ask questions! At Little River CC, they again do it all: outdoor ceremony, multiple cocktail area options, dinner in a large tent and reception/dance indoors. What works for one group might not be applicable for the next. It comes back to the first step by establishing a vision. As a National Mobile Entertainer, I get excited for multi dimensional weddings as it keeps people engaged. Party people tend to love variety! In comparison, I have spent an equal number of years performing in the bar and nightclub industry. The group dynamics are always the same in that people like to “bar hop”. Even the greatest nightclub spot is better if you get there after your social warm up locations. It’s just the way our brains are wired. Little River CC does it all but also leaves room for reality. Sometimes it rains but that’s no problem! They can move the guests without losing the planned experience. On any wedding day, keeping the masses happy and celebrating are the typical bottom line goals. Because I have performed on site at Little River CC so many times, I understand not only what works, but what works better. From placing the ceremony audio in just the right spot to setting up indoor/outdoor sound, it gets done the right way. A grand entrance can  set things in motion and provide the experiences you are hoping for after developing your vision. Structuring things to accommodate food delivery or extra space for high chairs to wheel chairs should be thought out in advance. If you are having your reception on your own property, you might think a wedding planner would have thought this through but in reality, if they typically don’t plan for these things, it makes for an unpleasant experience. Totally avoidable. Experience can often turn around the unrealistic too. As a DJ, I have noticed an internet-born “great idea’ placing music requests on the response cards. In short, if you have 200 guests and 150 of them respond with a request, it could pre-establish 11 hours of music. The typical dance time at a wedding is 5 hours and this will kill your time for even your requests as a Bride and Groom. Don’t do it! Instead, leverage the experienced DJ to take request but keep your vision and must have music selections as the foundation. I have a complete post on this if you want more information, however the same holds true for physical site offerings, food set ups and decor. Utilize your experienced wedding professionals to keep it and make it real for the best end results. Better to plan ahead then fall short on your big day.

Step three, follow through with an open heart

Sounds a little cheesy, but we all create our own pressure and stress. If you’ve done your homework and embraced the first two steps, you’re already positioned to party. However, things happen! Watching some of the bridal TV shows seriously makes me want to gag as they pick apart every little detail. Opinions and ratings are for the judgmental. Don’t fall into this trap. Making sure things get done is again a planning item and can be handled if you have the right team. As I started this article, I’ve performed at the best sites like Little River CC but also, at some of the worst. That said, I thankfully have pulled off next level dance celebrations where the cake tipped over, food was burned and the flowers were wilted. I know this as the referrals tell me exactly that when they book their date, so do the Brides and Grooms when the hit me with a tip for a job well done.

I do favor the all-inclusive properties as dimensional wedding days tend to be the best experience both for the Bride and Groom and also the guests. Whatever your vision, follow-through using leverage, be real and of course follow the steps to the dance floor!